Turkey Cookies

Turkey Cookies

Bag of chocolate striped cookies

Bag of large marshmallows

Bag of chocolate chips (any kind: milk choc, semi-sweet or dark)

Candy corn

  1. Melt enough chocolate chips in microwave bowl–should be enough to dip marshmallows into and coat them. Stir until smooth.
  2. Dip one marshmallow into chocolate, coating entire surface.
  3. While chocolate is still wet, place on top of one cookie. Take second cookie, break or cut of one edge so it is flat. Take flat edge of cookie, dip into melted chocolate. Attach that cookie, vertically, to back of marshmallow on back of cookie.
  4. Take one candy corn and attach to front of marshmallow (narrow side) while chocolate is still soft.
  5. Chocolate will harden and keep cookies/marshmallow/candy attached