The American Institute of Cancer Research commissioned a study recently and found that because of the recession forty percent of Americans are cooking at home more often. And it’s healthier!

This blog, my cookbook (A Brides Cookbook or Surviving the First Year) and my website by the same name have always said that eating at home saves money, calories and is better for your health. People at home eat smaller portions and more balanced meals.

In the same survey, Americans reported making other changes linked to better health and a lower risk for cancer and other chronic diseases. Because of economics they are eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables.

And according to the survey, 48 percent of people are eating less fast food.

People are looking for ways to save money and making their own meals is a great way to stretch a dollar. Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Frozen vegetables and frozen fruits are just as healthy as fresh. (Make sure to buy the ones with no added sugar or sauces.) Beans are very cheap, nutritious and can be used in hundreds of recipes.

So look around this blog or check out my cookbook for lots of recipes to begin cooking at home too!