People are finally getting smart about saving money. For years American’s have been living in the “me generation” and believing the ads that told them “I’m worth it!”

But, between global warning making it cool to be green, the price of gas causing a drain in the wallet and job lay-offs putting a healthy fear in people’s hearts, we are finally looking for ways to cut down and cut back.

One of the easiest is to carry your lunch to work or school. If you’ve been buying your lunch you’ve probably been spending $5.00-7.00 every day. If you work 5 days a week, over 50 weeks, that’s $1500.00.

And nowadays it’s not just the cost of the restaurant, but the gas to get there!

The easiest way to brown bag is when you cook dinner simply double the portion size of your favorite meals. Most places have a microwave and refrigerator nowadays, so just put your leftovers in some Tupperware, pack a fork and go!

One good thing about using dinner leftovers for lunches is; you won’t be as tempted to eat everything at dinner because you’ll be thinking about saving enough for a lunch, so that helps your waist line!

The next easiest way is to keep cans or packages of soup in your desk to cook there. Keep dish soap to wash the bowl and spoon, or if you are like me, you have dozens of whip cream and margarine bowls with lids. Cook the food in one of those and put the lid over the dirty bowl afterwards and bring it home to toss in the dishwasher. Keep a box of crackers in your desk for soup days.

You can pack a salad in the morning also. Just don’t put the dressing on until you are ready to eat. Getting your vegetables doesn’t have to be in the form of a salad either. Roll some up in a flour tortilla for a tasty veggie wrap or take cut up vegetables and a lo-cal dip for something different.

For sandwiches, spread mayonnaise or mustard between the slices of meat and cheese rather than on the bread itself to keep the bread from getting soggy. Throw in an apple, orange or banana.

Bringing your lunch is good economically, saves you time and is much healthier then always grabbing fast food or eating in restaurants. It’s a win win!