Another easy time to host a party over the New Year holiday is while watching the bowl game:

Think about all those tailgating parties you attended during the football season. You can plan your Super Bowl party the same way! Make great tasting snacks and set them out like a buffet so everyone can eat as they like. Stock up on heavy duty paper plates and plastic silverware… it will make your cleaning up a breeze.

Supply plenty of cold beverages. Soda, water, and beer will be the easiest to serve as well as what is expected. Keep them cold in chests full of ice. We are invoking that tailgating fun remember? Screaming and cheering brings on a lot of thirst, so be sure to stock enough!

Now for the food. You must have food for a good bowl party. Snack foods are the best. They are easy to make and easy to eat while you are yelling at the game. Think of things like chicken wings, meatballs, nachos, pizza… anything that tastes great and you can eat with your fingers. Other foods like chili are always welcome, too.

Sub sandwiches are a great too. Pile them high with cold cuts, lettuce, and tomato. Serve with lots of chips and dips. Finger foods like pigs in blankets and sausage rolls are super simple to make and they taste great. Offer the food throughout the afternoon so it is not all gone at one time. Keep it simple and fun so you can enjoy the party, too.