Most newlyweds are just getting their feet wet entertaining. And often they don’t have much money. Besides forming a Gourmet Group (do a search on this site for posts about that topic) one thing we’ve done with our friends is form a Wine Group. A neighbor had bought a 24 disc series on learning about wine. At every get together, each couple brings a bottle of wine that fits the lesson for the evening. (Northern Italian Wines, German Wines, Ports, Champagne, The Reds, Whites, etc.)

The host provides the snacks, which sometimes fit the theme (Italian foods) or even just cheese, crackers and grapes.

We fill out a small card on each bottle of wine: where it’s from and how much we spent, so that if we really love it we can remember to buy it another time. The sampling takes place as we watch the DVD.

It’s been great fun and not a burden to host when it’s your turn. Try it!

Below are two pictures from Champagne night.

Champagne Tasting Display