I talk about forming a Gourmet Club in my cookbook and thought I’d share some ideas here as well. My husband and I have been in several clubs over the years. It’s a fun, easy way to entertain as everyone brings a course. The group I’m in right now meets about 9 or 10 times a year and we’ve been together for 3 years.

The host chooses a theme and provides the main course and beverages and each couple chooses a different course that fits the theme. We’ve had some amazing meals: Greek, Irish, The KY Derby, Mexican, American (on the 4 of July), Italian, Chinese, French, Appetizers on a pontoon boat, Caribbean on a pontoon boat, Indian, New Orleans/Mardi Gras, Jamaican, Make your own pizzas and sundaes, German/Oktoberfest, 2 New Year’s Day brunches, Vegetarian, Polish, a make bread lesson for the girls and the guys joined us later for soups, bread and wine, Southern, cold appetizers on the pontoon, hot appetizers for a game night, Guys grill, Chili cook-off and fondue.

I have no favorites. They were ALL good! In the next few posts I’ll give you some of our recipes and pictures from the evenings.