We just returned from an amazing week at the El Dorado Royale in the Mexican Riviera. Instead of All-inclusive, the resort bills itself as Gourmet Inclusive. And it was!!

Mayan Tostados - The IngredientsMayan Tostados - The PreparationMayan Tostados - The Results

One afternoon we attended a cooking class by the pool and learned to make these delicious tostados:Cook a pound of shredded beef with garlic and onion.

Drain and add a little cilantro. (all to taste)  Mix some diced purple onion, diced tomatoes, diced radishes and more cilantro in a bowl.

Squeeze the juice from 2 limes in. Add a teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Stir well.

Mix meat in. Add finely chopped chili pepper. Place a spoonful on a tortilla chip and top with a slice of avocado. Enjoy!