Here’s the press release in the paper about it today!

Local Author Publishes Book about raising a Millennial

Hickory author, Nancy Geiger, has just published a book, “In These Days of Cell Phones, Texting and Social Media…Can the Nest Ever Be Truly Empty?” on Amazon.

The book is a result of eight years of stories about raising her only child, Brittany,

spanning from when Brittany left for college to her wedding day. The stories have appeared

in the Newton Outlook, The Smoky Mountain News and the Lincoln Times News. Baby Boomer

Magazine, an online magazine also printed a series.

Geiger’s daughter is what’s called a Millennial. (The group of people born between 1982

and 2000). They don’t remember a time when there was no Internet. And they are the

most technologically savvy generation to date. Because of that when they “leave home”

their parents are still in constant contact with them.

“When Brittany entered college the ways people communicated were changing fast. I was

in the perfect position to see not only how things had changed from when I was her age,

but how they changed monthly and even weekly for her!” Geiger said. “The stories are

both about how she was adapting to all the changes and also how I was dragged into the

21st century because of it. When Brittany got married it seemed like the logical place to

stop, but every time one of my stories was published I had so much feed back from other

parents about their own experiences I didn’t want the stories to just disappear.”

So she wrote a book. And because she has learned to embrace technology herself it’s available in both hard copy and as an e-book.

Readers may purchase the book on

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