USA Today printed a list of ideas today on how to use up your leftover Halloween candy:

• Add chunks of cut-up candy bars to favorite cookie recipes. Use kitchen scissors to easily snip bite-size candy bars into smaller pieces.

• Freeze the candy and bring it out around the holidays.

• Chop up candy or candy bars with a knife or scissors and put over ice cream or frozen yogurt.

• Make a trail mix with chocolate-coated candies, raisins, peanuts and any soft chewy candy.

• Press cookie dough into a pizza pan and bake the dough. Cool, then top with favorite candies such as Sweetarts and candy-coated chocolates. Or, frost the pizza cookie and sprinkle on favorite toppings.

• Layer prepared instant pudding with candy to make a pudding and candy parfait.

• Add chopped-up candy bars to brownies in place of chocolate chips.

• Make sandwich cookies. Top a plain sugar cookie with frosting, then add chopped candies and top with another plain sugar cookie.