I read the following article by Amy Hoover on the site LovetoKnow.com
I know some people love just downtime on Christmas Day: to read a new book, play with their new gifts, maybe watch a family movie…and others are going crazy having lunch at one set of relatives and dinner at another’s. But I thought the following ideas made for a very balanced and special day. Hope you enjoy!

While giving and opening Christmas gifts is one of the most common events on Christmas Day, there are plenty of other events going on for families to participate in together.

Religious Worship Service

Those who are of the Christian faith often follow religious tradition and attend a worship service on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The family may also choose to read together Christmas stories from the Bible or other religious book about the birth of Christ and the history of Christmas.

Family Meals

Holiday celebrations often revolve around a large meal, and Christmas is no exception. In some families, a large breakfast is served, featuring a variety of foods from fruit to eggs and bacon to casseroles and crepes. A late Christmas dinner is also common for many families, who serve a main meat dish with an abundance of side dishes. Meals might be served family-style, with everyone passing the plate; buffet style, with everyone serving themselves; or as a more formal seated dinner.

Community Activities

Community activities also play a large part in many family’s Christmas Day events. These activities might include:

•Caroling: Visit a hospital, neighborhood homes or nursing homes to sing carols with friends and family to spread Christmas cheer.
•Parades: Watch a Disney Christmas parade on television or attend a live Christmas parade in person in your hometown or neighborhood. In fact, your family and friends might even want to create a Christmas float of your own to enter in the parade.
•Volunteer: Donate your time to a charitable cause, such as a soup kitchen or pet shelter, on Christmas Day. Giving of yourself and your time is a wonderful way to bond as a family and share your joy on Christmas Day.
•Holiday Light Tour: Drive around the neighborhood or town in the evening and enjoy the lighted homes and displays throughout your community. Some newspapers may print maps of people’s homes that are decorated. There may also be charity-sponsored light displays that cover acres of ground.
•Visit Santa: Some communities may have a special Santa visit on Christmas Day. Encourage your children to thank the jolly man for their gifts and wish him well for the rest of the upcoming year.

Participating in community activities on Christmas Day is a good way to keep busy if your family cannot be together on Christmas. Surround yourself with others involved in events to keep your mind off absent loved ones.

Christmas Party

A Christmas party with friends and relatives is an excellent way to spend the holiday. Consider making the party an open house, so that people can come and go as they please. This way, more people can attend as they plan around their own Christmas Day events. Have plenty of Christmas party food, lots of Christmas music playing and some holiday games to keep everything lively. While fancy fetes are common before the big day, consider hosting a casual get-together so everyone can relax and enjoy the rest of their Christmas Day.