A woman wrote in to Dear Abby complaining that her husband never bought her jewelry and she felt unloved because of it and felt their
marriage lacked romance.

Many wise women wrote in to tell her that although their husbands didn’t make grand shows on holidays or buy them expensive jewelry, they did
other things on a daily basis that meant so much more.

One woman said her husband was her best friend. Someone she could totally trust and talk to about anything. He believed in and abided by
the vows he took on their wedding day and worked hard to give his family financial stability. She went on to say, her children had a father who loved
them and made sure they knew it by his thoughts and actions and who helped change diapers, rock babies and wash dishes.

Another woman said even after 15 years her heart still skips a beat when she sees her husband. They pass a little piece of paper that says I
Love You on it back and forth, hiding it in sock drawers, books and wallets. Her husband brings her coffee in the morning and surprises her with a candy bar
when she’s feeling down.

Another wrote in to say that her husband had told her he didn’t really do Valentine’s Day because he believed in showing his feelings all
year long. She said he leaves cards in her book bag and sings to her on her voicemail at work, writes poems and buys her spontaneous gifts.

More women sent in other loving gestures their husbands did: making sure their cars were always filled with gas, making them laugh, rubbing
their feet.

The advice I would give to new brides is: these are the things that make it good, not jewelry and flowers and dinners out. Learn to
notice and appreciate the small loving things and do them for him too.