This Blog is dedicated to women (young and old) who along with their new husbands are striving to eat and live healthier lifestyles while having a bit more fun and meaning along the way.

Nancy has been cooking since she was a young girl growing up in the suburban Illinois town of Naperville. After graduating with a degree in textiles and clothing from Iowa State University she married and moved overseas for three years where she continued to perfect her cooking and entertaining skills while building an appreciation for foods of the European Continent.

Having travelled to some 30 countries and every state of the US she now happily resides in Hickory, North Carolina with her husband and daughter, where she is a freelance author and internet marketing professional.

The idea for the cookbook was borne some 25 years ago when she fell in love with the way the military families shared their food and their lives as they moved from one place to another quite often. This sense of sharing and generosity always tempered with a keen interest in health and fitness has been the passion that drives her cooking, entertaining and writing and today’s technology enables Nancy to spread the love to ever-increasing circles.

We hope you find this site informative, entertaining and valuable in your efforts to improve your life through better planning, shopping, cooking, entertaining and of course eating!