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International Cuisine...

When my husband and I lived in Germany the first three years of our married life, the one cuisine we couldn't get in a restaurant, was one of my favorites: Mexican.

So I started collecting Mexican recipes and cooked Mexican food a couple times a week.

Most people love International food. Chinese, pizza and pasta are so common we don't even think about them not being "American" any more! And nowadays we can go to Indian restaurants, Japanese, German, Thai, French, Cuban and many more.

Just like any restaurant food, though, it gets expensive and can be loaded with fat and sodium and the portions can be bigger then we need. So it is a good idea to learn how to cook some favorite International dishes. They are also fun for entertaining!

In this section we've included information on just some foreign foods to "wet your appetite". Come back often as we update, or download a copy of our book "A Bride's Cookbook or Surviving the First Year" for more international recipies and entertaining ideas!

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